Elmwood Park Amphitheater Seating Chart

Elmwood Park Amphitheater Seating Chart

Elmwood Park Amphitheater was always designed to appeal to both community events and larger shows by popular artists, musicians, and entertainers. So the designers needed a space that could accommodate Roanoke citizens while still having all the amenities that could draw in crowds from Virginia and cities beyond. So the designers created a stage with 125 VIP seats close to the stage. These VIP seats have the most space and are the most comfortable, especially for audiences that want to best enjoy the intimate views with the performers. On top of that, the VIP section is the closest to the vendor area, making it easy to shop for refreshments and merch.

Close to the VIP section is the large lawn space with plenty of room for guests to sit and enjoy the show. The grass is kept low and comfy so that guests can enjoy the show from blankets or during standing-room only events. Some events may allow guests to bring seating, but that is described in the event program, or you can contact the venue to verify those details.

The Terrace section is divided into five columns and are designed to provide every guest with plenty of room. This is one of tne of the most popular options, because the bleacher style seating is built for relaxation and to have room for guests to stay close to family or to have room for items they have brought with them. On top of that, this seating space offers the best blend of intimate views of the stage and exquisite acoustics from all angles and seats.

Finally, right in front of the stage is the orchestra section. This gives guests the best view of the on -stage action to create an intimate experience like none other. It also guarantees the best quality sound as well.

The venue is designed to be ADA-compliant with several ADA-seating options scattered throughout. This includes companion seating so audiences can stay close to guests with mobility needs and assist them. The venue staff is able to help provide further accommodations as well if you call ahead of time. You can reach out to them via (540)853-2494.

NOTE: The above seating map can be subject to change. This depends on the type of event. Always check the seating map when selecting your tickets for each individual event.

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